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    anyone use facebook??

    i did like it, then kept getting 100's of invites for applications, and my page is now spammed with all these different apps, and everyone elses profiles i see have the same thing?!
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    You can modify what you see on your page and what you ignore, you can even set it to show you a percent less of something if you dont like it.

    Never been into any of this myspace rubbish, but facebook is pretty good.
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      Facebook is alright.

      I do like it much better than MySpace, I will have to agree, there.

      They seem to be pretty on top of things, and every other day the site isn't experiencing technical issues (from my own personal experience, anyway).


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        IMO it's the 'apps' that go with the Social Netoworking site that makes it. Myspace even though it surfaced long before Facebook has lost ground because they were slow to encourage people/developers/orgs to get involved. Facebook has innovation by the bucketload, long live facebook.


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          Facebook is okay. I've got an account but I hardly ever go on it but I guess it's better than MySpace.


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            Facebook's alright, there's loads of crap on it but you always have the option to ignore an invitation to "build an aquarium" or "pass the hot potato" and the like.

            There are some good apps, I quite like Scrabulous, which I play with a couple of friends.

            Also, if my sister hadn't posted a message on someone else's wall on FB I wouldn't have known that my parents' cat had died! It helps to keep you in the loop with friends' goings-on.
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              For all those facebook users, check this out -

              You might ant to re-consider adding your colleagues to your facebook after seeing this.


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                All I can say is WHY???? Do you folks have too much time on your hands??
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                  I have been debating with myself to use Facebook, but i just can't be bothered with all the hassle it brings. It seems a lot better from myspace, and my brother and sister have given good views on it as they use it. Maybe i should give it a go and see how it goes. But the idea of it being spammed has put me right off... At least for another few months.


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                    I use facebook.

                    Got get my spam fix from somewhere :emote_sma lol

                    also why is it when you press the spam emotion on the emotions part that it shows in posts as spanking?
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                      Yeah, I have a couple of friends with too much time on their hands, and as every one of these apps levels you up by recruiting more people they spam everyone constantly.
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                        Myspace is awful, I have recently joined Facebook though, good way to keep in touch (and find in the first place) people I was at school with and haven't seen for years. If you're stupid enough to throw a sickie then put pictures of it up all over the net, then you deserve what you get.
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                          User will be ungaged in around 78 hours from this post.

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                            There are ways to block the "app invite spam" but I had to stop it when I was writing my own app
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                              I'm now on too...
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