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    Ah cool... not to worry then I guess. We're doing well for quite a few decent terms at the moment, so all's good.


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      One of my sites went down from 2 to 0 which is annoying. Page Rank still has some relevance with some advertisers. Its not completely pointless with search results either.
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        I suppose the PR matters to those that pay for links on sites due to their PR ranking, apart from that it is pointless.
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          It's an amalgamation of link backs (and the PR of those link backs) and age of domain.

          Links in sheer numbers can still do the work (see one of the other forums for a discussion of a web hosting beginning with E, and how they rank so highly).

          However, as of about 9-12 months ago, Google is far more interested in trust, and *NATURAL* content. Mostly in response to people 'whoring' PR like a commodity (one way to really irritate 'G), and creating spammy deliberate SEO sites to make a quick buck.

          Which for real web masters, is great.
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            Google seems to have lost the urge to keep any relevance between PR and acctual content and relevancy of a website to its area of expertise ...

            But PR is very usefull when LE'ing (Since most pepole still conider it), so i wouldn't neglect it!
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