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Dell r610 Server Setup Guidance Sought

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    The drives are 4x500GB Near Line SAS 7.2k 2.5" HD Hot Plug so RAID10 is the preferred choice whereby we will have available in Raid10 the usage of 1TB? Sorry I am useless on this stuff.


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      They are SATA drives still, as opposed to the heavier duty faster 15k SAS true drives.

      You'll get around 920GB usable from those drives I'd wager.
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        Indeed, you want 15k SAS drives.

        What is the purpose of the server, to sell vps's or for hosting your own sites/apps ?


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          Thanks guys for the input I am now clear on the setup. The server is for customer sites and a few of our own. None of these sites are resource hungry and VPS is something we have not tried in case we break anything. We have the Plesk control panel and we were going to try Parallels Virtuozzo but its too integrated with the OS. The reason we are updating the server is that we are using FC6 and Plesk 8 and in the past we have been swapping our server DL360G4 with our backup DL360G4 in order to keep things updated. The thought of remotely recompiling php or carrying out an OS reload for the latest favours has the possibility of breaking something. The VPS will mean we do not need to go to the data centre to swap servers in the future as updates can hopefully be undertaken remotely.. well thats the plan.


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            Hmmm.... You don't need VPS to be able to remotely upgrade anything. Almost anything can be done remotely.
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              I think you may be going VPS for benefits that aren't there.

              It can be useful if you want to segregate certain apps / services or give your customers root access to their own little machine.

              However if your effectively doing shared hosting then I'd stay with a normal setup. Although personally I'd switch to cPanel rather than anything parallels