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    In transmission and the compression itself
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      Originally posted by enigmait View Post
      I think he's never used Google in the enterprise.

      Since I've been using docs which is around 4 years nothing like that has happened. The only tine outage occured was last year when sonething fauled and wiped out around 1% of gmail users emails. Google managed to retreive all the data in the end.
      Yea have had a google apps account for a couple of years and use Gdocs a few times a month and i have no complaints what so ever.


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        Used Google docs extensively in my old job but would never consider using it as a backup platform. With proper secure dedicated backup from the likes of & Protexia - Secure Backup, Secure Recovery I would never consider trying to make something do something it was not designed to do, its like trying to use a screwdriver as a chisel, it may look like it can do that job but can't really. Especially when it comes to data backup, if the databack up company looses it, your going to be protected and have some come back against them. If Google docs looses it your going to be left high and dry with little if anything you can do about it.
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          Originally posted by connected View Post
          Has anything like that actually happened before
          Yes, G'docs/gmail have released peoples files to all-and-sundry - they've always fixed it pretty quick, but if that was yoru data you'd bee (hopefully) upset to find all your data available in search engine results
          Yes, G'godcs/mail has for some users wiped the lot on more than 1 occasion
          The performance of it is generally pretty poor (compared to other online backup services) so time is very much an issue

          One of our acquisitions uses/used google docs - for low-requirement users I'm sure it's fine, but for heavy s/sheet work, I'll take excel any day of the week.
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