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Is VPS enough for running a b2c eCommerce site

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  • Is VPS enough for running a b2c eCommerce site

    prepare to build a site and start a eCommerce business, I find many people say VPS hosting is good and economical, but I'm wondering if it is enough for a b2c site

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    Is this bucket big enough to carry some items in?

    Give us some metrics Allen, if you are selling one item a year to someone then yes probably but it is impossible to even offer generic advice without some figures.
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      It depends on what technology/framework/stack you're using for your site, and what sort of traffic volume you're expecting - you just asked us "how long's a piece of string".

      If you're not sure how to answer those questions, you could start off with a cheap VPS, then if your site struggles to cope with load, upgrade the VPS. If you hit a point where it would be cheaper to run a dedicated server, or you find volume is such that you need multiple load-balanced servers switch over to that.

      The fact that you're asking this question implies that you don't have a great deal of experience running servers; for something like an ecommerce site that lack of knowledge could be dangerous to you and your customers, so it might be worth considering a managed service so they can keep it patched and secure, and help you out when you run into problems.


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        Originally posted by allen f View Post
        I find many people say
        You need to ignore their advice as they clearly do not understand.
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          It’s up to the traffic and visits of your site. If large, a VPS is obviously not enough. You can start your business using VPS. After achieving success and attracting massive visits, then transfer your website to a powerful dedicated server.


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            I would suggest you to go with cloud hosting servers like digital ocean they have the ability to handle many request and mostly never went down when there are too many users present.
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