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search engine vs social media

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  • search engine vs social media

    Which is more important for business point of view in between search engine vs social media, please share your view ?

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    Social Media is necessary for organisations whose consumers are more dialed into social media.
    SEO or SEM is necessary for organisations who are considering to improve their whole visibility across the internet and convert keywords into views, engagement, traffic or conversions.


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      Ok, Got It, If We have a small travel business then what will be potential ?


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        You must go with both options. It will help you to generate more business.


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          Both play a prominent role in generating traffic to your website.SEO should be properly done which automatically increases your website traffic before promoting in Social media. I hope u got my point. Here there are two types of SEO, On page and Off-page.


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            For a small travel business, I think you should start with social media. Build your visibility on social media platforms. Try to get leads for Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Then once you start getting some funds you can create your own website then you can do SEO on it. Because SEO can cost you more as compared to social media marketing. Plan your strategy according to your business and the funds you can spend.



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              Socail media is needed for organisations like Fashion brands. Because the niche customers of these brands are more into social media.
              If the brand works to provide B2B solutions then they have to be present on the search engine for relevant searches.
              Either way, both are necessary for businesses that target their products for the fluid-kind of market.