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which is the Best DC for Colocation in "Atlanta, Georgia"

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  • which is the Best DC for Colocation in "Atlanta, Georgia"

    Hello guys i am looking for any good DC which should be located in Atlanta, Georgia if any of you know please suggest me any

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    You're probably going to struggle a bit for recommendations for a US datacentre on a UK forum.

    That siad, perhaps you could give us an idea of what sort of services you are looking for and what criteria you are going to be basing your decision on.

    Are you looking to colocate and individual server or take a quarter/half/full lockable rack?
    Are you looking for top quality critical infrastructure, or a bargain basement service?
    Are you looking for a carrier neutral datacentre, or a private datacentre where you only have the choice of their own transit?
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      We use DCs in the states but never stepped foot in the facilities themselves so no idea on quality. But closet ones to you that we have used are in Boca Raton FL, Dallas TX and Ashburn VA
      Simon Gunton
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        Rus Foster might be able to help as he used to use one in Atlanta for VAServ, but I forget which one.
        Michael Follett


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          I have had experience with a data centre in Atlanta. The company I used to work for rented a full rack from [email protected] also known as Total Server Solutions. There overall service was good, tickets were replied to within minutes and although remote work was $15 per hr which I personally though was quite expensive it was pretty fast with hardware replacements, OS installs, hardware installation all done within the hr.


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            Talk to CyberWurx. They've been great for us.